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Yarra Heights Dance Academy

Yarra Heights Dance Academy Annual Concert

Event duration 210 minutes
On sale date 20/10/2019

Presented By Yarra Heights Dance AcAdemy

Yarra Heights Dance Academy Annual Concert

The students of Yarra Heights Dance Academy are pleased to welcome you to our annual concert series where our students will be showcasing all of their hard work throughout the year.

Date & Time

Saturday 23rd November 7.00pm (Duration 3.5 hours)
Saturday 30th November 2.00pm (Duration 2 hours)
Saturday 30th November 7.00pm ( Duration 3.5 hours)

If you have children performing items in more than one concert, you with receive a 50% ticket refund for any ticket holder attending more than one concert. In this instance, you should purchase tickets as normal for each concert at full price and then email yarra.heights.dance@outlook.com with a copy of your tax invoice and details of the people attending more than one concert (name and type of ticket Eg adult, child). 

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