Terms & Conditions of Sale

Eventtixx Terms of Conditions.
Tickets are sold subject to the following conditions.

1. This ticket is valid only when purchased through an authorised agent.

2. This ticket cannot be exchanged or returned after purchase, except as required by law and as otherwise specified by the seller. If a refund is processed, Eventtixx may, to the extent permitted by law, retain any fee it has charged.

3. The right of admission is reserved.

4. Video recorders/ mobile phone may not permitted into the venue refer to your tax invoice for further 'Seller/ event organiser's terms and conditions.

5. GST will apply to all goods and services through this site. Prices listed in this site include GST where applicable.

6.The right is reserved to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute performers and/ or vary advertised programs, prices, seating arrangements and audience capacity.

7.Tickets may not be resold, without our prior written consent by eventtixx.

8.This ticket is sold subject  to eventtixx’s terms of use. Our terms of use are available at eventtixx.com.au

9.Each ticket is also sold subject to any additional terms and conditions of the "seller/event" organiser for the particular event these will be available at the time of purchase and on the tax invoice.